Preferential Subjects

 PS1 Life cycle asset management

  1. Experiences in equipment condition monitoring and its contribution to the reduction of life cycle cost and reliability;
  2. Operating performance of substation equipment contributing to improving technical requirements, specifications and certification;
  3. Lifetime management, deterioration and ageing of substation equipment;
  4. Risk quantification and optimized asset decision making;
  5. Sustainable maintenance optimization.


PS2 Advances in substation technology and reliability


  1. New connection configuration for higher reliability and reduced cost;
  2. Reliability Evaluation of Substation Based on System Performance;
  3. Reliability Modeling in GIS and MTS Substations;
  4. Reliability, arrangements and layout comparison between AIS, MTS & GIS technologies for substations;
  5. Quantifying the impact of substations arrangement in operational flexibility.

PS3 Substation design: New solutions and Experiences

  1. Modular, pre-fabricated, fast assembly and plug-and-play concept for substation solutions;
  2. Combination of outdoor and GIS/MTS technologies for substation area reduction;
  3. Combination of GIS, GIL and Insulated Cables in substation design;
  4. Grounding substations: solutions for urban areas;
  5. Mitigation solutions of substations to meet emerging grid requirements includes new renewable energy resource growth;
  6. Substations security against physical and cyber invasion.