Approved Works

Relevant aspects of Maintenance Management strategies of Itaipu GIS on monitoring and control gas emissions of greenhouse effects
Itaipu GIS and Maintenance experience on detect Partial Discharges on pressurized Gas Insulated Switchgear as part of a Predictive Maintenance Platform (PMP)
Evaluate Reliability on the Substation Comparing AIS, GIS and MTS Technology
Changes in Legacy Bus Arrangements : An Analysis on their Necessity and the Following Impacts
Insight Inspection of breaker of substation by a low cost digital radiographic  system
Proposal Approach for Substations Cyber Security
Future Challenges for the Grid – Integration of environment friendly gas-insulated substations
Challenges to implement disconnectable (sectionalisable) busbar in energized substations: A case study in the Chesf substations
Development and testing of a new cable connection box for oil filled switch gear to accommodate XLPE cables
Bus-Node Substation – A Big Improvement in Short-Circuit Conditions at Reduced Substation Costs
Combination of GIS, GIL and Insulated Cables in Substation Design
High Voltage Hybrid & Compact Relocable Switchgear
Comparison between DBB4 / DBB3 substation layouts and AIS / MTS technologies for Manoel da Nóbrega Substation 230/138 kV – 450 MVA and 230/88 kV – 225 MVA
Latest developments on AC and DC gas-insulated transmission lines and DC switchgear
The Proportional Hazard Model and the Modelling of Recurrent Failure Data: Analysis of a Disconnector Population in Sweden
A new 550 kV MTS for higher reliability and reduced costs of substation in Japan
SF6 free 110 kV Substation Solution to meet Axpo’s sustainability strategy
Mobile Substation with easy transportation and fast installation
Asset Management by Substation Future Planning Sheet
Ageing and deterioration of composite post insulators exposed to high electric field in 220 kV and 400 kV switchyards in Swedish network
Mobile Substations Incorporating HV GIS
Reconfiguration of Salto Grande substation combining AIS and MTS technology
Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of Substation and Feeder Design Considering Correlated Failures
Experience on Deterioration Survey of Aged 550kV GIS and Optimized Evaluation
A Generalized Reactive Power Optimization Model in Distribution Network  Considering Voltage-Violated Buses
Partial Discharge Monitoring on Gas-insulated HVDC Systems